Vanessa          Piotr          Jim (seated)          Paul          Gail

Vanessa joined Jim's Barbers' team in August 2010 shortly after the move to Five Oaks and is now the shop manager.  She was educated and trained in Madeira and has worked at Jim's Barbers since she moved to Jersey.

Piotr (Peter) was educated and trained in his native Poland, moving to Jersey in 2007.  He worked at Blades for 5 years, Salon SB for a year then moved to Jim's Barbers in April 2014 where he's worked since. 

Jim was born, educated and trained in Scotland and worked in Ayr for 5 years before moving to Jersey in 1991.  He worked for Trevors' Barbers Shop for 8 years before taking over the business at Georgetown in January 2006.  In July 2010 he opened the shop at Five Oaks, with convenient free parking outside and across the road.  Taking more of a backseat in recent years, he tends to cover holidays and Friday afternoons on a regular basis.

Gail was also hails from Scotland and moved to Jersey in 1991.  She also worked for Trevors' for 8 years with Jim, before he took over the shop.  Gail moved to Five Oaks with Jim in July 2010.